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?Who are we

"Shomrey Ha'aretz" (a registered non-profit organization) is a volunteer organization that was established after extracting lessons from the failures in the "Shomer Chomot" riots in 2021.

Our Mission

During routine: assistance in preventing crime, theft, harassment, During emergencies:  neutralizing and preventing terrorist attacks

?What did we do until now

The pilot began with great success in August 2021 in the city of Harish (270 volunteers) and in Giva'at Olga (300 volunteers).
The established emergency squads are professionally trained, by experts in various fields and guided by  legal advice. 70% of the volunteers carry weapons, while the others are equipped with other protective measures to deal with terrorist and crime incidents.

Our goal

In response to the need that arose after the tragedy in the Gaza Strip, as well as understanding the importance of the emergency squads, which have proven their effectiveness in real-time, we have set a goal recruiting and training about  200,000 volunteers near future in hundreds of cities.

What we need right now

In order to achieve the goals, we immediately need weapons, tactical equipment, pepper spray, helmets, batons, vests, hats, flashlights, and of course human resources in the area of security, leadership, training, technology, cyber and more.

How can you help?

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Tactical equipment

180X12=2160 NIS


Protective vest, helmet

Weapons and ammunition

170X24=4080 NIS



Advanced equipment

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Weapons and ammunition,
communication devices


Other amounts



The urgent need for "Shomrey Ha'aretz"

After the terrible massacre at Simchat Torah, we realized that the local emergency squads in the Gaza Strip were the fastest, and sometimes the only, response that saved lives. We saw that in some cases they prevented terrorists from entering the settlement and thus prevented a massacre in it. These are trained and skilled civilians with high quality equipment, and are aimed at responding to the incident at the very first moments.

The "Shomrey Ha'aretz" organization embraced the challenge, and began establishing emergency squads all over the country.

Join us, let's take part in protecting our home, our family and our children.

The security experience in civilian space in Israel, in recent years, shows that in many cases of terrorism and criminal crime, the security forces and the police arrive only after 10 or 15 minutes from the beginning of the incident, which can determine life and death, and thus every second is decisive.

The warning light was lit in "Shomer Chomot" riots in 2021, when we realized that the danger also exists within the boundaries of the cities in Israel, especially in the mixed cities. One of the important conclusions from those days was that we must take responsibility for the safety of our families, and help citizens in real-time, through local squads, until the formal security forces arrive.
The success of this joint effort requires a lot of equipment, manpower and multiple resources.
We still have a lot of work ahead of us, we need all the help we can get!

Every donation is important!

Every minute counts!

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The "Shomrey Ha'aretz" organization was founded on the successful model of the "Ichud Hatzala" organization, this time for the purpose of providing an immediate security response to citizens in the local arena.
Thank G-d, we have been operating the "Shomrey Ha'aretz" Since August 2021. In the city of Harish, for example, there are nine guard posts in sensitive locations where armed volunteers are on duty in shifts. The stations are manned twenty-four hours a day, all weekdays, this is in addition to dozens of patrols that scan every corner of the city and respond to all security warnings.

The city residents feel very secure and know that they can reach us for any problem, even if the formal security services are not available.

Please watch a conversation with the mayor of Harish about the contribution of "Shomrey Ha'aretz – Harish" to the security of the residents.

We need to establish, train and operate regional emergency squads, staffed by local residents voluntarily, using a dedicated application, with the aim of responding immediately to incidents until the arrival of the security forces.
The ongoing activity includes guard posts, patrols, training and coaching, legal guidance and more, in order to give the volunteers the ability to protect their environment collaboratively, equipped with protective means to deal not only with routine situations but with terrorist incidents as well.
The success of this joint effort requires many resources
Multiple equipment:
Helmets, vests, weapons, pepper spray, clubs, hats, flashlights, first aid, and more
Skilled personnel from many fields:
Security, training, cyber, digital technology, and more.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, we need all the help we can get!

Every donation is important!

Every minute counts!

Donate now!

Together we are strong!

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